Summit 1i

Today i got my new switch, an Extreme Networks Summit 1i… After being a fan of their products for many years (ever since Acacia Networks got killed by politics), this was finally the day I got a Summit to play with.

I already convinced my workmate to rebuild our “core” net at work for a weekend and benchmark the performance gains we can achieve. This would have been a great use case and test for switching to a routed L3 network. Right now we have some old LG switches in a stack (4xGigE, 48×100) in the one server room, also serving all clients and a $200 3com switch for the other server room & XenServer farm. I definitely feel there would be “Extreme” performance gains to be easily achived and yeah, it would have been fun to test.

Summit 1i logo

Summit 1i logo

For the long run, this switch was planned to be the “starting” core switch for my little ISP project, the Full L3 license has about every fancy thing I could think of, short of MPLS and IS-IS. Even NAT is supported, which would allow me to “test alternative solutions” for that IP-bound 100 node CheckPoint license I got waiting.

Just bad the switch arrived with the funktionality of a brick with heating. I’m not 100% sure what the issue is, I see the lasers (MTRJ ff) are working and the fans make noise as they’re supposed to. But no serial output. My only hope is a loose cable on the back of the serial port or a lose mem module. But the seller doesnt seem to want me opening it. To be honest, I still gave it a thorough check the next day and luckily they let me return this wonderful DOA piece of hardware. And yes I hard much considered building a PC into it just to keep the casing.


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