bad hobby: waiting for ebay boxes

now is the last day of my vacation and the Cisco SFS 3504 switch still hasn’t made it to my company where it’s ought to be delivered.
While I’m not someone feeling everyone deserves a 3-day delivery for his $1.99 ebay bargains I still worry quite much by now.

on the one hand:

  • It’s a HUGE item to find a cardboard box for
  • It’s a HUGE item to carry to the post office
  • Given the low price a delivery time of a few weeks is perfectly fair
  • An equally huge and heavy Chieftec case arrived within like two days – although the water cooling pump got badly damaged in transport

on the other hand:

  • I can’t fully trust the seller will really deliver it, especially considering the low price

Probably I’ll swallow down my pride tomorrow and email the seller about the switches whereabouts


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