now reading – delivering carrier ethernet

delivering carrier ethernet

cover of delivering carrier ethernet

Delivering Carrier Ethernet by Abdul Kasim – one of the big bosses at adva networking – is a much more interesting read than I’d ever had dared to hope. The fact that I didn’t skip the introductory chapter 1 but am still reading it with curiosity is quite telling already. the real foreward is actually by one of the ethernet inventors and the whole book seems to be one of my best (book) investions in the last years. actually it was written in 2005 but I haven’t done any notable networking for much, much, longer than that.
still, even nicer I haven’t seen a single letter I couldn’t agree with, even the side notes about ATMs similarities, differences and death were so much to the point and free of false facts that the critic in my head sits there jobless.

I wish I had a few weeks’ vacation to fully appreciate this book 🙂

p.s. sorry for the small cover picture, Mc Graw Hill seem to think this is a good enough picture to float in the internets for our purchase decisions…
prior buying it I looked through some of the chapters at some amazon-like site and like the content quite much.


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