soft routing

my sweety overhauled the network plan i mailed her:

  • core layer: 2 extreme summit 7i switches (l3 and bigip based loadbalancing – still saving for those
  • storage and cluster interconnect: Cisco SFS3504 1-2×10 or 20Gbps Infiniband link to Xen hosts, gatewayed to both core switches, 3 Gbit links to each of them – this will be a very powerful backend for glusterfs storage and xen failover
  • admin lan: Cisco 2924-XL-EN completely sufficient, with port security and vlan trunking support
  • lawful interception, and feeding data to IDS/IPS: TopLayer IDS balancer
  • radius backend (testing): Imprivata SSO
  • switches for hosted systems (1 Vlan/Host): 3Com SS3900
  • Uplink routers: Nokia IP650, 16x100BT each
  • Services (provisioning, etc): Primergy N400, 4x700MHz, 5GB, 18GB++, 10Gbit IB
  • Xen Hosts: Rackable Systems 2HE boxes, Q6600 CPU, 8GB, 4×1.5TB, 2x10Gbit IB, GigE
  • Check and Control: 2 little ponies

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