Pieces of software: Nice video on AXFS performance

(AXFS beats all others, and is still ignored by all)

A awesome performance comparism between AXFS and almost all other flash optimized filesystems.

AXFS is a great filesystem for memory constrained systems on slow media especially NAND flash. My assumption is it will be very fast for a dozen other purposes, too. It allows the NAND flash memory and the actual RAM of the system to be mapped together, avoiding loading stuff into ram that could as well directly run from flash. The buzzword for this is XIP – eXecute In Place. This can actually be a lot faster than loading the whole binary & libs into RAM before starting to do your work.

Unfortunately the linux community won’t pick on it yet, so far it doesn’t have support in any of the major or even minor distros. Instead they’re going with ubifs as the current embedded hype right now. In my opinion AXFS should given a fair chance,because it has by far the hugest potential. Going with other fs will just slow down or actually set back linux’ development.

But see for yourself.

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