a day in Nagios hell

Spent the whole day working through Nagios quirks, alone, after my workmate who needs the stuff finished apparently fell into a hole without net connectivity. originally we had planned to finish the setup together sitting in some cafe (like the newly found Va Piano in munich east – totally empty on sunday evenings as all the finance “people” are at home then)

Bar Va Pianobut that just didn’t happen this weekend or the last or the one before or or or….

It seems letting me do it all by myself was a viable alternative. The worst thing is the incredible latency on the 5-6 shells I had to open in Citrix. I’ve got a fastpath internet line with 10-14ms latency to all major german internet sites, and the lag when working in citrix easily exceeds 500ms at times…. at random times.

10:07 <darkfader> wie soll man mit 400ms latenz IRGENDWAS tun
10:07 <darkfader> sonntagnachmittags mit 0 last ist der muell nichtmal benutzbar

Well, at least I’m halfway there, check_mk is supposed to trigger netcat on our remote drone hosts and the dmz box is now working/monitoring some of my xen boxes.

I just hate all the dependency stuff that is needed to get to a point where you can finally start what you come for. just the fact, that I need to use nagios from rpmforge (because the one in EPEL is totally outdated) and then need to use EPEL for the plugins (because rpmforge has no pnp4nagios and no check_icmp). Turning repos on and off in the right order is not what I consider a challenge.

At least check_mk has not given me any trouble, they only thing I had to change was the default paths for process_perfdata.pl and pnp4nagios.

Once again: thanks to Mathias for making software that doesn’t suck.

While reading the netways blogs and some nagios forums I noted there was a nagios “stammtisch” in munich some time. well, WOULD THAT BE GREAT if i had known about it πŸ˜‰

Gonna have to see if these are more often, and then go there and find out if the other people are nice. If yes, it’d be great, maybe I can even add something valuable, after all I’ve messed around with Nagios for 7 years now. Even if it smells at times πŸ™‚

Oh and the worst thing was finding out I had totally forgotten my first “production” xen host at hetzner still runs debian lenny instead of Oracle VM.

Reminds me very much of work where I’m just fighting to not put the first *critical* production server into place before the standards for the new NetAPP SAN[*] are set.

[*]just delivered, more than 10 racks, running as metrocluster instead of GX mode.Β  Just how big can you fail?


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