Never, ever rely on forums

Especially it seems you should not trust the zimbra forums, or the moderators there on CLUSTER topics, but instead you might wanna ask on a forum that deals with HA.

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Now the issue is loss of network connectivity. If I unplug the nic on node mail1 it immediately tries to fence node mail2. Node mail2 does the same and neither can successfully fence the other causing the process to stop.

“AFAIK, this is normal.

If node2 can not “see” node1 anymore, it will migrated the services to itself and shutdown node1. And it’s obviously the same the other way round.

As pbruna suggested, if you want to avoid loss of network connectivity between the nodes, you need to remove the SPOFs between the node… That means at least two NICs per nodes, with two network switches (on two different power supplies), etc etc etc”

Guys, it’s a double-face-palm-FAIL if both nodes in your twonode cluster shoot each other in the head –

as long as you get someone that actually knows the least bit about clustering and has heard about quorum and all these other little bits.

read the full sad story at


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