3Com Selfservice / eSupport Portal

Wow, this thing really sucks.

It’s slow, buggy and if you just hit cancel, all fun things happen…

  • Error messages like “cannot find your last place in the system, please submit a new query”
  • Suddenly being able to view the whole registered customer base (so you can select your company name out of all 3com customers including their addresses – riiiiight)

The single sign on doesn’t work for even half of the sites involved.

Oh, and they turn off your scrollbars in the browser, but render the site at full screen res, not at your windows’ size. Some dialogs don’t even fit at 1280×1024. Instead they will “scroll” the site according to what textbox your filling

All search results are shown as 10 per page and the total is of course not known until you hit the last page.

Worst thing is out of 4 H3C switches/routers I had to register, only one was listed in their DB, although all were sold by H3C or directly by 3com.

  • S5600-26C-PWR GigE  L3 switch worked
  • S3528P Fast/GigE L3 switch didn’t work
  • MSR 30/60 modular, top of line GigE Router didn’t work, even though it’s directly marketed by 3Com, too
  • AR 28/31 modular 100BT Router didn’t work

Hadn’t I known HP service manager I would not have expected there’s worse than this selfsupport site.

But you’re in for Rank 2. Really.


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