Bargain of the year: Corrent S3500

Corrent was a vendor of highperformance firewall equipment that had to close down in 2004 or 2005, they sold a PCI card and appliance around it that would offload firewalling for Check Point NGX firewalls.

It enabled real, wire-rate firewalling and DDOS protection via the SecureXL interface.

From what I understood, their product was so specialized and expensive that they never got up to any marked share and then either just shut down or were bought by Check Point. Check Point seems to be still selling the cards on request as “SecureXL turbocard”; I would suspect the price tag hasn’t lowered much below the old 15000 USD…

Luckily mine will just run 50 Euros and be shipped soon.

It’s untested, but IF it works this will be an awesome option for special firewalling options. So far I had no idea how to achieve some DDOS mitigation services for the customers, and this might just do the trick.

(picture courtesy of the review at the CPUG)

The magic about this card is
– almost nothing has been created ever since that can top this card’s performance
– it is probably the most sophisticated and expensive pci card ever created
– it will still work as of today in a check point secure platform


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