Oracle VM discounted beta certifications available

Oracle VM for x86 Essentials (1Z1-540) exam is available in beta version from now through June 30, 2010

more questions,

$50 USD

a good review and seemingly more technically oriented than the Citrix exams. A workmate had to take many of them and they’re VERY bad imo. More directed at marketing staff that don’t understand / know stuff but learn it by heart. Even with instructions how to present the “product” when talking to different levels of management.

I won’t argue it works, given citrix’ success, BUT that doesn’t mean the certification is worth a dime on a “learning the skills” level. It just teaches sales droids.

So let’s see how it looks at Oracle – I presume a lot better.


Exam skillset:

Documentation overview:

And some general overview about the beta exams:

more questions, more time, higher time pressure and only the questions that make it to the final exams will be counted. I hate the last part.


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