MSR 30-60 – firmware too old to use OAP module

I got the “open application module” for my H3C / Huawei router today. The module is a small embedded PC for running NMS software or IDS right in the router. The small (2 slots height) module has a P3 CPU and I think 1024MB of ram, plus a GigE port. It gets power and backplane connection via a 32bit CPCI slot.

Now thats really not fair: the router firmware is so old that I can’t manage the module with it. I could work around most of that once I could telnet / ssh to it, but as the manual reads

By default, the management IP address of an OAP module is not configured.

That certainly makes sense, there is a command “oap management-ip ip-address slot slot-number” just to set it from the router’s CLI and considering it is a FRU part I’d also rather have the IP config set from the routers config.

[waxr0001]display version
H3C Comware Platform Software
Comware software, Version 5.20, Beta 1202, Standard
Copyright(c) 2004-2006 Hangzhou Huawei-3Com Technology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
H3C MSR30-60 uptime is 0 week, 0 day, 3 hours, 38 minutes
Last reboot 2010/06/11 21:54:35
System returned to ROM By Power-up.
CPU type: FREESCALE MPC8349 533MHz
256M bytes DDR SDRAM Memory
4M bytes Flash Memory
Pcb Version: 4.0
Logic Version: 3.0
Basic BootROM Version: 2.07
Extend BootROM Version: 2.07
[SLOT 0]CON (Hardware)4.0, (Driver)1.0, (Cpld)3.0
[SLOT 0]AUX (Hardware)4.0, (Driver)1.0, (Cpld)3.0
[SLOT 0]GE0/0 (Hardware)4.0, (Driver)1.0, (Cpld)3.0
[SLOT 0]GE0/1 (Hardware)4.0, (Driver)1.0, (Cpld)3.0
[SLOT 5]MIM-OAP (Hardware)3.0, (Driver)1.0, (Cpld)1.0

now I’m really stuck, so many things point at me needing to buy a sw contract for the router, but from what i’ve seen there’s no dedicated, software only support 😦


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