H3C S5600 not remotely keeping up to it’s promises

I have two of the Huawei S5628P Switches and so far they’re doing OK for me, but they’re still under extremely low load. Yesterday, while looking at how properly enable the web interface and what options it has I came around a in-depth review of these switches.

Seems that going into IRF stack mode disables far more features than I’d expected (I already knew it disables Vlan Stacking (qinq or “vlan vpn”) for no apparent reason. Among others, IPv6 management access is also affected.  Incredibly enough, the stack bandwidth appears to be lower than announced (but i got an idea there – maybe H3C implied usage of 2 IRF modules instead of one) and the HA / Failover features are slower than they should be AND even run into split brain.

Next, the switches can’t even withstand full load and definitely don’t managed wirespeed switching, they do drop, and at times a lot.

Worst of all, QOS and ACL limits seem to exist.

Considering I paid very little for them I’m sure they will still work out well for me, but I wanna link to the review as I consider it quite important.

Please note that the Consulting firm was hired by a different vendor than H3C, and that the S5600 is EOL already. Nonetheless I think their points are valid and there definitely are some false claims to the switches performance on the H3C product site.

Ether Consulting Evaluation of H3C S5600


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