A design itching?

For the last two weeks it has been there constantly – the itch to build something, I can see it will be well designed, I can see it’ll take a few days to complete, I feel energy building up to hack away on the keyboard.

I just don’t have an idea, what I’m driven to, what it is I’m going to sink my time into.

Is it just the system health scripts for linux we so urgently need?
(I just wonder, what should they return? In my point of view the linux systems are broken by design, can’t even remotely compare to $2mn+ hp-ux boxes. Those were like handmade by master crafters, linux is just non-deterministic in too many places still.
wow, uvent exists, lvm reports via uevent now, oups, nothing is there to handle it.
This is just the point where you see linux *is* just a kernel, and the userland is not up for it.)

Is it the final design of the hosting inftastructure?

Will OpenNebula open a whole new world to me?

Is it that I’m just starting to find out about the inwards of check_mk (ESXi going well, FreeBSD agent will be next, and new checks lurk along the way).

Is it a glance into the future, where I’ll do much much more of this?

Is it looking the way of using puppet (I still only install, but not use it)

Is it because I met someone from OrionVM who appear to have been the only people to beat me to thinking up real great performance VPS hosting – because their product actually exists & is successful already. I’m glad they’re on the other side of the earth, so I don’t have to be afraid.

It surely feels good to not be the only one looking at modern stuff like ceph (or actually run gluster).
(not saying there aren’t others nowhere ever. just they remain very silent about it. searching for half an hour you could find a posting on the opensharedroot lists about some company using it for their VPS for quite a few years now. But everyone thinks it’s their ultimate secret. I dare say the advantage is not keeping secret that you have a sophisticated infrastructure. The advantage is having one.


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