Managers – oh my

Lets say, I got an invitation to a meeting. I don’t accept it right away because I’m not directly involved in the topic, instead I had a teammate write the concept we came up with. He’s just as experienced with the issues to solve and came up with a need way of getting it implemented. Seems $customer wants to present a totally different concept, and thus they had invited me. I felt I should pass that and send my teammate instead, but was still thinking about it.

Then I get another meeting from my managers, to attend a briefing before the other meeting.
What the heck a briefing? We’re talking really really technical stuff there and no briefing whatsover is going to make them understand the implementation, or differences thereof.

The date they set is before my working hours, and ignores the fact that I blocked the whole day to do some pretty critical server fixing anyway.

Then I get a mail saying how urgent it is for me to join in bla bla bla bla (remember: i didn’t write our concept, I’m just the team lead, but just totally not the right person to talk when we’re going to present why our stuff is better!)

I replied to the guy saying that I’ll attend their great briefing, BUT being on call with one maint. at 7pm and one at 7am I might not be able to come if some more stuff comes up during the night. In that case I’d sincerely beg them to sort out stuff by themselves (i.e. ask my colleague to come our). I had put by themselves in fat & red.

Guess what happened next?
The managed tried to call me. (I was busy on other stuff that I had to postpone the whole day. /dev/ignore ftw)

That much for sorting out anything by themselves.


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