check_mk FreeBSD Agent – need testers

The check_mk Agent for FreeBSD is now mostly working, and I’m looking for more testers so who can work with me to add additional support like hardware raid controllers or GEOM or ZFS.

There are two port dependencies:
sysutils/muse to report memory usage
sysutils/ipmitool to report ipmi sensor status

Current issues:
The memory usage check is broken, the check on the server side expects more data than I’m sending it.
The netif link check could work but the freebsd output is very hard to parse.
NFS Mount availability and options checks are missing

I have set it up to be called from inetd by providing a correct entry in /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf.
You can also just trigger it via ssh at the cost of tcp wrapper support and some performance.
In a few months there might be a simple to install port for the client.

My girlfriend asked me if the server side could run on FreeBSD – interesting question – sure it could. Just that given the choice of running my server on debian with a total setup time of 20 mins (using a stacklet xen image and the MK or setting up all ports on freebsd (rrd, nagvis, rrdcached, apache, nagios, check_mk ….) I would rather pick debian 😉
Maybe a meta-port would be the right thing, as long as I don’t have to be maintainer..

If WordPress didn’t suck


much you would even see the screenshot I uploaded.


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