using the Public OracleVM repo

The repo and rpm files for Oracle VM can be found in the Oracle public yum repo at the subdirectory

To use them, ssh into your OVM server, and change to the standard yum config directory

cd /etc/yum.repos.d


After this is downloaded, you can install software or update just like on any other yum-based system, with the one exception that you have to enable the repositories. Either by changing them to “enabled” in the configfile, or by manually enabling at runtime. I chose the second to stick with the “default disabled” setting that Oracle chose.

Example: Installing xinetd for use with the check_mk linux agent:

yum –enablerepo=ovm22_2.2.1_base -y install xinetd

The same way you can update your Oracle VM server to the next minor release:

yum –enablerepo=ovm22_2.2.1_base update

The public repos just contain what’s on the respective CD kits though, so if you now feel smart “woah i can update for free” – no you can’t. You’re not getting any security updates, not getting a single patch fix until the next minor release comes about.

The Oracle VM webshop hastwo types of support contracts for Oracle VM that will get you instant updates + real support, so you can even get things fixed that aren’t working for you.

Your choice, but chose wisely.


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