Lesson learned: don’t mess with hardware if you’re exhausted

This has been two very expensive months for me…

I had to work too long, once again, have to, even on my last week at the job. 14hr days are still like 2-3 times a week, and this is not just “managing” but running even the most critical work in parallel…

Back in October I got a used watercooled EVGA graphics card that seems to have contained a lot of DIRT (not surprised, given the sellers temper issues, and in the process of searching for the issues with my watercooler setup I once forgot to unplug the Vcore … away goes one Phenom 1055T and one mainboard, maybe even the PSU.

The dirt had collected inside the cpu cooler… by the time I located that the cooler had actually MELTED because the cpu was still pulling Vcore power even though the mainboard ATX was unplugged.

I had that all replaced, bought a new CPU (1090T this time) – but when I just had thought the system was back to stable and went about raising the cpu clock the board stopped even doing POST.

And now today I was adding an infiniband hca to one of my older opteron boxes. This was after I learned how to correctly load the infiniband modules in Oracle VM (or RHEL in general) – simply run chkconfig openibd on.

I just wanted to go try GlusterFS with rdma transport, but instead used the riser card (a 32bit one) the wrong way round because I didn’t notice I was dealing with a PCI-X 133MHz card which has the keying the other way round.

Needless to say the board (Rioworks HDAMA) will not work any more after this massive abuse.

So that’s $460 pile of crap I’ve made just by being too tired from my stupid job. I wish there was some liability for that.


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