New mainboard (hopefully more robust!)

I’ll be getting a Biostar TA890FXE now. It doesn’t put up much of a show optically, as you can see here:

i just hate how they all put no space between the southbridge cooler and the PCIe slot holder for the graphics card.

but, and that seems far more important in hindsight, it will run stable at the clockings that I want. This board was used to take the Phenom X6 up to 7GHz (ok, with far different cooling) but my logic is simply saying: if it does 7GHz with liquid nitrogen it will probably do 4GHz with water.

It appears it’s also somewhat the choice among the more technical overclockers, those who actually think about what they’re doing (unlike me, last time) and so I got to learn that with this CPU a northbridge clock of 2.8GHz with 3.6GHz CPU clock will yield a lot more performance than the standard which is like 1GHz northbridge clock and the cpu clock you set it to. (2.8? 3.2? 3.8? 4? 4.2? 🙂


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