More on H3C OAP / OSN support

My router has a little PC-on-module called open application platform (OAP). 3Com called the same thing Open Services Networking (OSN module).

It’s a 1GHz p3 mobile with 512 or 1024MB ram and a 80GB disk plus 256meg boot cf card, and uses up two of the larger module slots in the router.

I had last written about my problems getting the module to work back here:


By now I have ordered a maintenance contract for the router. After the HP 3com buy, it’s of course called a CarePaq in HP style. 3 years of software updates and online support come in around $200 which is OK.

But to make things more interesting I had gotten a smaller MSR30-20 yesterday. It’s mostly identical to the MSR30-60, save the size and a different CPU.

But it also had a slightly newer firmware (probably just by 3-4 weeks) which included the OAP support. First thing to notice: It’s very logical but easy to do wrong: You have to be in global mode to access it, not in [System-View] – It’s a different device, so I think it makes sense to be configured like this.

I will be back with a summary post once it’s running.


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