OrionVM talking about their infrastructure

I’m quite sure OrionVM of australia is currently the hosting company with the most powerful infrastructure on the planet. They don’t just throw thousands of el-cheapo servers at their VM customers, nor are they using lolcheap setups like “Raid5” made up of 3 sata disks or “Raid10” with software raid.

Instead they use QDR infiniband and a distributed FS, and have redundancy everywhere. So this means their systems just stomp everybody else’s. Gotta love that.

From what I know from chatting with one of them their setup is mine just on supernew hardware, with all quirks already dealt with and a good bunch of experience. I really like & look up to them.

Just now I found a blog post & video about their infrastructure.  http://davidburela.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/community-report-melbourne-cloudcamp-2010-orionvm/

Won’t watch it today since it’s getting late, but I know their setup and can highly recommend watching this.

From a “competive perspective” the cool thing about their insane-o-powerful setup is that they’re so far ahead of the competition that there is no problem with showing it off at all. The trick was being good & inspired enough to build it, and that is the really rare ressources.

You guys rock!


2 thoughts on “OrionVM talking about their infrastructure

    • I had already found them last week: OrionVM IOzone benchmarks

      But more to the point, thanks a lot – I’m also a big fan and I also need to say they’ve done extremely well on this one.

      So far I don’t even get over 190MB/s inside a Xen domU. I can feel how many months of tuning, gaining knowhow and re-tuning have gone into their current power setup.

      And their numbers speak for themselves, I hope they will get the recognition as (at least one of) the fastest cloud hoster.

      And I hope they finally reply to ticket #30! (Pun intended)

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