it thumps on thumpers…

I just figured out how to build a ceph appliance.

Charming, elegant design.

If you know how to go the next steps and kick 3par & lefthand’s ass, then contact me.


2 thoughts on “it thumps on thumpers…

  1. I just learned about ceph a few minutes ago and am intrigued by your concept, since I don’t see anything out there that’s a turnkey solution. Also to your knowledge is there anything that can also leverage something similar to changed blocked tracking?

    Im an IT services consultant in California, mostly for small businesses, and My wish would be to leverage this type of technology to ease the pain of keeping offsite copies of my clients server backup images. This is a challenge when most small businesses here typically have 3mbps of wan bandwidth.

    Also Adding this to some nas units that support installable packages (Ipkg) like qnap or synology would be awesome.

    I’ll be glad to discuss further. I’m not a coder, but have worked with Linux since 1996 and and can build software from source and troubleshoot.

  2. Hi,

    One first thing – Qnap & Synology support would be a fun idea for using them as builing bricks but would be very hard to do as of now. You need a large amount of Ram (think like 1GB or more per TB) for OSD, and also a real fast CPU. So it would be possible to re-use the most powerful Qnap / Thecus models but due to the kernel version difference it would be hard to do without replacing the original Linux version on them.

    More answers later this week 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your testing of Ceph now!

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