Newly found nagios toys

Present server status on front page, ideally embedded in Confluence

Use escalations to not display “normal noise level errors”

Some stuff I need to test more in-depth

  • Nagios IRC Bot -> basic testing done, was fun to use after hating the lack of documentation, but I should see if it even communicates acknowledges. Screenshot and URL will be added when I get around to it. I like the charm of having this in one window of my irssi. Of course it doesn’t have a livestatus backend :/
  • Nagios Google Gadget -> Looks a bit lame, still interesting for adding it to Confluence as a live data source

of course (hey lars šŸ˜‰ ) a good NagVis map will totally beat these solutions, I just lack the knack to make a nice picture that will give a really good insight to the infrastructure’s status. Still, until last week I had no idea how detailed a map could be.


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