my first check_mk plugin – check xen domUs

Finally a check plugin that doesn’t need configuration!!!


It’s already working, but I will spend another 1-2 days adding in a few more important features.

  • dom0 memory usage
  • domU performance data support
  • xend + migrationd monitoring
  • checking if a “autostart” file exists (on standalone xen, not for ovm/xe/xcp
  • check that ballooning of dom0 is disabled – this is strictly a home user feature!

What I don’t know about yet is how to handle parenting / clustering.
Probably it will be all done by defining the vm’s as a cluster service, but I wanna be real sure Nagios can recognize the cluster nodes as parents.

and then I’ll package it for upload to the check_mk plugin exchange.
I might rename it to vmm_xen beforehand as I think the naming conventions in opennebula are quite smart.


check_mk xen plugin console output

check_mk xen plugin

Other nagios / check_mk plugins I’d love to work on

  • DTC (check all services are up, PHP jobs working
  • open nebula
  • FreeBSD agent update
  • ceph

2 thoughts on “my first check_mk plugin – check xen domUs

    • Hi,

      I will upload it to the check_mk plugin exchange.
      The time estimate is still “when it’s done”, but expect no longer than 4 weeks. I got sick and couldn’t play around with it, also I’m fresh to writing plugins and know it will turn out better if I let it settle till I built a few more official ones, as they have much higher quality standards.

      If it’s urgent I could mail it to you, otherwise just wait a little while. 🙂

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