Xen PV domU pxe boot

For sake of simplity it would be interesting to have all your domUs dual bootable to real iron.

– pypxegrub exists to pxe boot domU kernels, for quite a few years now but it had never been widely known, used or did good howtos exist

– need a working grub.conf in the domU

– need both standard and real domU kernels on the systems

Guess who documented pypxegrub?

The Eviiiiiiiil Oracle. Doing OSS work all the time, but lets not talk about it.


I’ll also give PVgrub a test run, but i think it will be far more complex to integrate with CentOS 5.4 – it uses stub domains and is cool by definition, but probably a lil more tricky to use.

It get’s me started again —- I’m still trying to understand why IBM has a good reputation although their OSS spirit mostly resolves about highprice consulting and giving some crumbs like JFS to the linux community. While JFS is actually called JFS2 in AIX land, it lacks a lot of the features that exist on AIX, which were left out to differentiate AIX and Linux. Still it’s a highly appreciated feature. And while each Linux user will point at the designated new standard FS brtfs if you mention ZFS (ignoring that BTRFS is still in experimental stage and having a lot issues), the fact that brtfs is being developed by Oracle for the community, for free, will never come up.

IBM abusing you as useful idiots and revenue tools = GOOOOOD

Oracle doing actual development for the community for many years now = BAAAAAAD

Strikes me as odd.


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