Book recommendations from 2010/2011

Here are some of the best books I found during the last year

Practical SNMPv3

Did you even know SNMPv3 was introduced back in the 90s? This book has existed since 1999 and is the only SNMP book that will not say “SNMPv3 is too complicated for this chapter”, instead it gives an easy to understand reference that will answer all your question, except

  • why didn’t the other authors manage to do that, instead they ducked away and kept everyone ignorant about v3 usage.
  • why did i never know this book existed all those years
  • why can’t everything support v3 now right away because i got no questions left!

SNMP Mib Handbook

This is a great reference if you need to really work with SNMP – it will help you to write correct mibs (i dont think I need that) and on the sidelines give you a perfect grasp on Mibs, debugging them and dealing with anything that may come up. If you look for a book that will make you understand the SNMP inner workings so you will be able to use it at your own will and imagination, this is the book.

Network Maintenance and troubleshooting

This is a really good in-depth troubleshooting manual for anything ethernet. If you want to enhance your troubleshooting skills, it will help you, and if you just wanna read up some more on a strange topic, like  Ethernet OAM for 2Base-TL longrange ethernet, this is something you can rely on. It is written by Fluke Networks, so there are a few pictures of their products, but nothing to worry, and at least you can trust they do know about ethernet troubleshooting, right?

Windows Testumgebung

Ein deutschprachiges Buch, wer es durcharbeitet hat danach eine komplette Windows-Lab Umgebung zum Testen und Spielen. Alle wichtigen Details sind hervorgearbeitet und es ist damit um Meilen besser als blindes installieren und ab und zu die diversen Windows”Admin” Foren oder FAQs anzuklicken.

Ich habs als remittende fuer 10 Euro bekommen und es war eine unglaublich gute Invenstition.

Baked in


This is a kind of famous book about product marketing, explaining why it is essential to include the markeing in your product development.

Best fiction reads:

Darren Shan: City Trilogy

Joy Chant:  red moon black mountain


China Neville: Perdido street station

This seems to have been raved about a few years ago. As usually I never follow any hypes and so didn’t come to notice this book until we were in a large english bookstore in Vienna. I bought it to have something to read in the evenings in Hannover when we’d do a Nagios migration a few weeks later. Unfortunately I didn’t even take it along and it took me a few more days to get around to it. It’s awesome. Steampunky science fiction set in a city that doesn’t need to be called a “sprawl” every two pages, instead it just makes it very clear that this is really a rotten, half-magic parallel world. The town could be a mix of London and New york and it’s so full of everyday horrors the big ones can go unnoticed for quite some time. I was hooked up the moment when the ambassador turned down any bargain offered for his help. The scene was a bit resembling Babylon5 and the vorlon ambassadors. But we’re not talking a different country, or a different, alien, race. The ambassador that turned down any offer and simply went backk to his paperwork was the ambassador of hell . Because the devils were  afraid.

A.c. Clarke: Childhoods End


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