squeeze Xen

Some kind person at debian has edited their Xen wiki page so that it covers many of the issues you’ll see when going through an update or try to use Xen on squeeze in general.


Even the xen hvm network-route issue I’m having is covered. So far I didn’t really understand the solution well enough to implement it, but I’m very happy to not have to debug that.

No matter if you plan to update a Lenny Xen host to Squeeze or build a new one: Read all squeeze related info in that wiki post. Really, thanks a lot to the author, I bet some of those solutions were not easy to find.




I wouldn’t be mecaptain obvious without pointing out that it might have been easier to fix those issues when they were initially reported instead instead of now putting them on the wiki, making new bug reports and then fixing them. Just the same as it was on lenny.

With special thanks to Bastian Blank who I first got to know via THIS post:


aggressively questioning anyone saying there was issues with Xen on Debian he of course demanded proof even for known & reported issues, got more insulting and then, after some example of even most basic xen support being broken on debian, disappeared not to be heard of. He kind of implied every affected user is supposed to send in a bug report. It’ s not like there aren’t enough bug reports on Xen & Debian. Yeaaaah right. I really love doing that, so I’ll get an update in two years when the bug is closed without solution.

We can learn from that: If your whole place is a mess, insult the visitors if they stumble over something.


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