ASO – All software outdated!

Now when I was done installing glusterFS and opennebula on their respective nodes, I wanted to create my gluster volumes.

Happens that Ubuntu 10.10 still had GlusterFS 3.04 which is like totally deprecated. Now after fighting some javsascript bugs in their Download form, I got GlusterFS 3.2.1 ready and also fetch opennebula 2.2beta.

Also had a discussion with the resident networking guru, and we agreed it’s a bit tricky (read: impossible) to test this lab while connected to the Lan. So I’ll be getting myself a NIC for the laptop and he’ll look for a NIc for the server 🙂

And *lol* I found out that the libvirt docs advise against configuring any sophisticated networking under libvirt control. Create OS devices and add minimal xml configs for them!


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