best #ceph quote of the day

The master of CephFS testing and QA had a bad time with some too many breakages when he found some of the tools suddenly needed to look into ceph.conf and on the other hand expected to get that file in $CWD. (Which is, in fact bad practice as that would mean to work in /etc/ceph and any core dump there might let your root filesystem go out of space. Even worse, if you worked in /tmp any user could submit an “alternate config file” for you, or you might suddenly use a config file you copied to /tmp instead of the life file in /etc/ceph. Note -c /etc/ceph/ceph.conf will of course avoid that and it’s only about a little utility. But his point stands, but is countered by the best excuse ever.)

22:42 < Tv> gregaf: there has been no reason to provide a config file to osdmaptool
and friend, before
22:42 < Tv> reading config from cwd without being asked to is just wrong

22:42 < Tv> show me an established unix tool that does that
22:42 < gregaf> now that's not fair to ask me and you know it :p

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