Slice your Xen with automatic resource limits

I uploaded Scripts to limit IO and CPU ressource usage for Xen Hosts written as part of my Project black magic (the unkillable Xen host). You can find the scripts in the bitbucket repo below /usr/local/bin or you simply check it out using hg clone

Some example output:

waxh0002:~# xm sched-credit
Name                                ID Weight  Cap
Domain-0                             0   2048  400
xen01                               49    256  130
xen02                               35    256   65
xen03                               15    256   65
xen04                               16    256   65
xen05                               85    256  260
xen06                               37    256   65
xen07                                7    256   65
xen08                               84    256  260
xen09                               80    256  195
xen10                               82    256  130

This is using long-existing but hardly used capabilities and gives you the power to somewhat “cap” ressources used by abusive users or even establish a safe baseline beforehand. I assume a lot more research & testing will be needed by Xen users to expose it’s powerful features, and I hope this can be a good starting point.

Commencts / testing / patches appreciated 🙂


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