OMD Update 0.42 to 0.49

Jumping to the current nightly build

Grab the most current version

The stable from if you want to run the standard OMD version in your install

The nightly from if you want to develop or want to prepare for a “long jump” to the next OMD version.

Stop your current site for a moment, you can start it again after the next command.

omd stop yoursite

Create a copy of your site (it will run in parallel, non-intrusive)

omd cp yoursite testsite


rpm -ivH the new omd version

Update your testsite to the new OMD release.

omd update testsite

(with some questions, as little are asked as is possible, avoid a half-merge)


After the update scripts did their work (from 0.42 they might only make 99% of the way, we won’t be bothered by that yet) try starting the copied site for a test.

omd start testsite

(will probably choke)


Now churn through your check_mk config and update config statements to the current version (see our update notes on the main website)

After that, you will  be either running a fully updated site or have hit some issues around of the test site. If the second is the case, you might have to start over from a fresh site.  What I can think of is i.e. RRD issues.

This doesn’t mean you can’t keep your config, just the copy is not the way you’ll be able to go.

What you can do is to create a backup of the active site (check_mk –backup /file/name) and restore it into a fresh test site (cmk –restore /file/name).


If on the other hand, this is a production install, you want some support with the issues that come up, or you want to have access to a super-current hand-crafted OMD: $dayjob has professional support 🙂


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