Remember Win95?

Just found in-depth analysis of the Xen Bug that makes the xenconsoled die.
This bug was fixed in Xen upstream back in 2007 and now finally also saw an update in RHEL.
What made me smile was that this is similar to the feared 49day bug that made windows drop into bluescreens back in the 90s!

However, what really happens is that the initial value of tv.tv_sec*1000
(truncated to 32-bit) is in practice random, so that the bug may happen after
any number of days from 0 to 49.7.  In particular, the next time it should
happen is around March 28, when the number of milliseconds from the epoch will
be 0x12F00000000.

Not so funny detail:
CentOS is, again, lagging heavily behind RHEL.
Newest CentOS version is: xen-libs-3.0.3-120.el5_6.2.i386.rpm
The fixed RHEL version is: xen-3.0.3-126.el5 (from march 2011) and it’s nowhere to see…

Assuming the CentOS RPM will pop up in 2 months this would mean a 4.5 year delay from upstream to CentOS.


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