a bunch of new OracleVM RPMs

I’ve done some specfile practicing today and was able to port a lot of the applications i needed over to OracleVM. In a way it was mostly specfile hunting and some needed small fixes to work on old RHEL5ish distros.

Special thanks to Brett Trotter at blackopsoft.com who is the only one that has a src rpm for current versions of  m4.

What I really cared about was the following packages:

  • pigz
  • ossec-hids-client
  • openvswitch
  • mercurial (haha no i wont use git in my free time 🙂
  • fail2ban
  • dtc-xen-firewall
  • dtc-xen
You’ll also find some other things that are just dependencies.
Since I needed them for my xen boxes, I’ve added it to the project black magic project at bitbucket
Look in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS there!
There’s still some more work to do – I want a yum channel that can deliver all the addons that my xen hosts need. A bacula client, vncsnapshot, raid controller utilities (so far LSI and Adaptec) and IPMI management tools for Intel & IBM.
If you need the specfiles, you can ask me, or instead let me know how to build fresh SRPMS from my fixed specfiles.
Ah right, and lets not forget the really hard ones that I skipped:
flashcache-wt and

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