Xen hackathon lab(ptop)

Tomorrow is the Xen hackathon in Munich!!!!

My goal for this day is to find a stable way for monitoring Xen including the performance data. Ideally (and with some help) by the end of the day I’ll have added thorough documentation about the performance counters to the Xen wiki.

That would also aid in creating a MIB extension for Xen – it’d surely make me happy to see a snmp agent based on the check_mk agent plugin 😉

Talking of that – of course i’ll be mostly trying to get perfect monitoring via check_mk. Right now the agent only tracks basic up/down and Ram usage. I want to add per VM counters and ensure things don’t go all jumpy if dynamic memory allocation is used.

I’ll carry along a few Xen hosts in my laptop to go through the various combinations of agent output.

This was a good time to use check_mk’s WATO to set up a nice menu – if I select “in my laptop” as a VMs location then it’ll automatically use the ssh datasource to connect to the systems via lan2.


    lan1:     type NAT, dhcp
    lan2:     type hostonly,


    lan1:    type NAT, dhcp
    lan2:    type hostonly,


     lan1:   type NAT, dhcp
     lan2:   type hostonly,

Additionally, I hooked up two of my real Xen hosts, running Debian Squeeze and OVM 2.2.

Short of Xen2 (just kidding) and NetBSD this allows for any combination of the xen utilities that could be found out in the wild….


And I’ll also take along some infiniband gear as a giveaway in case any of the Devs wants to tackle RDMA live migration.


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