xl / xm: incompatible

Happens that xl and xm are not compatible.

http://xen.1045712.n5.nabble.com/xm-xl-rename-bug-td4617155.html ( This wouldn’t be as sad if one of the two toolsets was reliably working. But in fact even the main init script for xen had been broken for “xl” users for a few months…)

Just noticed this while I was going after another issue – the output of the “info” commands differs even more, the number of dashes is different, and xl doesn’t have the bug that reports a VM as “blocking” if it wasn’t active on the dom0 cpu at the same moment as xm info was. And more and more.

What is it with the Xen team that parts of the userland just *have* to be broken any given time?


2 thoughts on “xl / xm: incompatible

  1. They are busy celebrating something all the time, applausing themselves, preparing for conferences, hammer future plans, etc.

    • I’ll find out tomorrow….

      On the one side you have these things like – right now – REMUS that was merged into Xen, but needs a 2.6.18 kernel that noone really maintains anymore. It’s nagging and depressing.
      On the other side. you see a lot of improvement since beginning of the year thats to people like Pasi. Currently there’s even an initiative to unmess the wiki and some more things.

      so having vented a little it’s time to go back to making things work.

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