Ceph on FreeBSD

comes to

Someone (on #ceph) is preparing patches for Ceph to successfully build on FreeBSD!

He sounds dedicated and knowledgeable enough to make it work.
While chatting he said he’d try to plug it into the GEOM block layer framework and also add some ZFS spice.

On linux you have /dev/rbd for blocklayer access (“RADOS block device”) and use LVM (and/or md) to architect more layers of storage on top of this, but on FreeBSD you can really just tuck it into GEOM and build anything you want. GEOM is “*one* tool for all” written by *one* guy, so it’s a lot less messy than mixing all kinds of different stuff like LVM & multipath & ecryptfs & EFI & MDraid & ionice to get to the same goal. (Of course there also has been a usual share of bugs made worse by the fact that there’s less users and less devs to find / fix the bugs. But the design is heavily leaning on Veritas far better making the non-broken things a charm to work with)

Now, to come back to Ceph on FreeBSD…  you’ll have a production-stable & tested ZFS version, a advanced block layer via GEOM and the most modern object storage/filesystem mix Ceph in one box. If you mentally add in HAMMER then *BSD is finally getting to one of the top positions when it comes to the most modern filesystems.

I guess in 1-2 years time there will be a lot of performance tuning work for the FreeBSD Core team 😉


4 thoughts on “Ceph on FreeBSD

  1. Have you used this ceph in production environments on Linux? I’m watching this filesystem time to time, but they say it’s not suitable for production yet. My idea is to take say 10 servers, put all storage together in fault tolerant, distributed manner and don’t worry if some nodes fail (possibly interconnect with Infiniband). Gluster seems fit quite well but ceph sounds more convincing.

  2. I would love to see Ceph on FreeBSD. Is someone leading this/championing it? It would be fantastic to see this and not just BTRFS on Linux.

    • Hey Alan,

      yes there’s a name tag to FreeBSD support, but I don’t recall the name.
      From the Ceph dev’s point of view it’s just an interesting development but very far from their focus, so they themselves aren’t leading this.
      You can either dig through the irc logs of #ceph or try the ceph blog/news. I think there was an entry about it and I’m sure I also saw a name.

      If you have a commercial use, you could even donate to the FreeBSD foundation and ask them to let the developer see some of it for his work.
      Maybe also drop a line to the freebsd-cluster list. Very low traffic, but maybe someone there knows.


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