check_mk crash-intro

DTC by GPLHost is probably the most powerful Opensource Control panel on the “market”.

It helps you take care of anything:

  • from Domain Registrations
  • over mail hosting
  • to controlling VPS (Xen, OpenVZ, KVM)
  •  or dedicated servers
  • down to the payment processors
  • powerful web chroot
  • and basic accounting features. It knows how to
  • deal with multiple companies in different legislations and some more.

At the moment people the author areis even working to add OpenStack support to it and have spawned a project (‘chronos’) at Citrix for porting the XAPI stuff to Debian.

The downsides of DTC are the (many) rough edges – parts that are not exposed via real APIs or  just need a lot more work. Otherwise it could technically be with the best in class like Uebersmith or H-Sphere.

One more thing, maybe the worst:

it’s still very thin on documentation – but this the one thing where I can do something.

I had already made some flowcharts for the email routing  in DTC (which I also used as a NagVis map) and promised to add a working Nagios+NagVis config for DTC.

It took the usual month or two till I got around to it. (An automatic installer script, which I had written, was just too trashy to be any good, since OMD is a very moving target).
But now I’ve had some success:

If you have a glance at the Wiki page you’ll see yet another example how just using an OMD and Check_MK config saves you time, time and time again.

If a DTC user tests this they can have their monitoring up in a matter of minutes, where with plain Nagios it would never be possible to just copy-paste the process monitoring section and end up with something working that even as perf graphs!


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