OVM 3.0.2 SDK


Oracle has released the SDK templates for the OVM 3 releases.

Seems it was not hindered by closed-door politics but just a slow release after all.

This means a lot of good things, I can bump up project black magic to 3.0 and also continue the OpenVSwitch and FlashCache and DMVPN tests with a much more current platform. ❤

I’m very happy, hopefully 3.0.2 will be able to boot on my SuperMicro box. (3.0.1 had hung right at the “loading Xen.gz” part of the bootloader)


2 thoughts on “OVM 3.0.2 SDK

  1. Is this Oracle VM for free? Last time I checked (half year ago or smth) it was kinda free but it required Oracle DB to hold it’s data. That’s overkill for me.

    • It’s overkill for me too, but i will give the UI another test since the version 3 brought a lot of new and nice features.
      As to the backend database that used to be an Oracle XE for small setups: You now get a “restricted use” licence to use a real Oracle DB, no more XE.
      Of course, that is even more overkill, but we gotta be fair: For a normal Oracle (VM) shop, this is a total non-issue. They’ll have a handful of Oracle DBAs around.

      As far as I’m concerned, I’m happy that it is still nice GPL software that I can use, but instead of the standard manager I’m testing OpenNebula (and for plain VPS I’m using DTC, too)

      But boohooo even 3.0.2 didn’t boot on the 24core box. Maybe I’ll open a bug tomorrow.

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