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running pvscan…:

    Walking through all physical volumes
        /dev/ramdisk: Skipping (regex)
        /dev/loop0: Skipping (sysfs)
        /dev/sda: Skipping (regex)
        Opened /dev/md0 RO
      /dev/md0: size is 5860543488 sectors
        Closed /dev/md0
      /dev/md0: size is 5860543488 sectors
        Opened /dev/md0 RW O_DIRECT
        /dev/md0: block size is 4096 bytes
        Closed /dev/md0
        Using /dev/md0
        Opened /dev/md0 RW O_DIRECT
        /dev/md0: block size is 4096 bytes
      /dev/md0: No label detected
        Closed /dev/md0

The Raid is OK
The VG is on that disk
Already deleted my LVM cache and disabled writing it

Let me say I am SO sick of this…
Perc5 battery is fully loaded, going to move off the LVM/MD setup ASAP.

Just need to find the data first.

Found out that the LVM cache file was both the cause and the last straw. It had been available when the system called lvm.static during boot (which read it). Via the cache file the system found the volume groups, and then once the system was up, it didn’t find them any more.
But since I had disabled write_cache_state (albeit after writing one file), it did never delete that old cache.

Getting closer to the read issue now, but I guess it’s time for a short excursion, making a work copy of the whole server :>

The LVM metadata is either incomplete, or “has a little offset” on the disk md0. I can see it using dd, but not yet sure if it’s OK.

The other thing I found out is that the Perc5i will totally overheat in my current server case.


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