Nagios notification tuning

Woah…. I switched my nagios and notification config to the new distributed WATO. It’s really nice to have a web frontend for user / mail configuration. There’s also an editor frontend for the mail body/subject. Remains to be seen how long it’ll be until customers come around with SMS  and escalation requests 🙂

This is a snippet from the most interesting part:

Check_MK WATO notification settings

The downside is that I had to go through the whole service threshold and notification tuning again. I already had the configs centralized in a mercurial repository, and now everything has to move into the WATO config.

I had like 8 unacknowledged services and ~20 nagios restarts for config updates. All together that gave me just somewhere around 100 mails…

And the most awesome thing of the test:
Rolling back the WATO config using the last snapshot once I noticed an error:


Oh, and *psssst* for those who run Nagios clusters in multiple datacenters and didn’t yet find time to test and play with the latest GIT versions:

Distributed WATO

Don’t miss where it says peer-to-peer replication…


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