Requirements for judging KVM

Because there is still a lot of confusion re KVM vs Xen

I made a self-evaluation check-list for finding out if you’re qualified to judge if something is better / more suited for larger-scale virtualization than KVM:

Option a) You have used and/or built environments based on:

[x] FreeBSD jails
[x] Solaris Zones
[x] HP-UX vPar
[x] VMWare esx4i
[x] VMWare esx5i
[x] Virtualbox (even with native iSCSI)
[x] Xen 2
[x] Xen 3
[x] Xen 4
[x] Citrix XenServer 3
[x] Citrix XenServer 4
[x] Citrix XenServer 5
[x] Citrix XenServer 6
[x] Oracle VM 2
[x] Oracle VM 3
[x] KVM (and commonly so)


Overall outcome:

Not qualified

Option b) You like KVM

[x] nothing more


Overall outcome:



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