• Help formulate Ceph feature request for multi-homed networking for OSD / MON / MDS. Think of avoiding issues like Amazon had (Backend replication “storm”). Think of how awesome interface failover would be. For example failover from IB to Ethernet.
  • Help make a second Ceph feature request for RDMA support for communication to and from MDS for MDS and OSD nodes.
  • Write something about TMEM/Ramster usage for people who don’t simply get the idea of “have more available RAM”
  • Update to git version of koan. Keep debugging koan
  • Re-test Veritas enclosure detection problems with LIO
  • Move our #work build env to teh internets via my faster home link
  • Pick up my new iPhone
  • fix my bike
  • wait another 6 hours for the BBU to load and run more SSD Raid5 benchmarks
  • for LOPSA, writeup my ideas for a non-nazi anti-harrassment policy
  • for LOPSA, write something about transparency lacks board<>members
  • finish my “how to explain best practices http://confluence.wartungsfenster.de/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=9666581
  • update the second confluence server
  • answer some mails
  • Go have a drink instead

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