Terabyte / hour backups

Backup is SO NOT boring.

A friend of mine told me about the confusion he caused among his colleagues.

With a bit of tuning he pushed the CommVault setup they had made from 700GB/h to 4TB/h.

Apparently they didn’t even really grasp what he changed 🙂

Here are some old numbers of backup speed records I found with some google foo. What I really love about these is that it shows that you need a highly specialized systems vendor to really push numbers. It’s not enough to just “kill it with hardware”, and the current state-of-the-art for medium enterprise level is the record of 10 years ago (roughly, not even really)

SGI 1998:

1TB/hr (while system under TPC load…)

SGI 2003:


Oracle 2011


restore: 77TB/s (deduped data)


For some of these there’s still some press releases and / or whitepapers to be found. I read them and forgot them already 🙂


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