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and fuck the wordpress editor it sucks oh and why can't you simply process tiff files even after 10 years
Thanks to all my blog readers and commenters. You kept me motivated to keep writing for you over the years and I hope I’ve helped many, many people in that time. Or made them laugh at my rants, which is fine too.

Looking at the detail stats I’m happy most people just came via the start page (Hi!), sad that there was so many who worried about LVM mirrors (rightfully so, from what I saw during the last class I gave. There’s a few new features like “tags” that strive to add functionality like PVGs, but now it looks like a massive patchwork) and would especially like to shout out to the 400-or-so poor souls that tried to convert Ext3 Filesystems to VxFS.

For the next years, may your data be safe and well-aligned 🙂

If either of that doesn’t work out, you can hire me 🙂


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