What if

In my english class at volkshochschule munich the teacher had come up with some hypothetics game to force us into really thinking about some grammatical details…

I noticed the wild difference between my first answers and a more realistic second view.

What if…

You were a girl

My first answer:

  • I would need to stop eating as much as I can and need to learn how to enjoy stuff like “shopping”

The real answer:

  • I would have become an artist and burned down my life like a bengal fire, dancing in the blaze. I would be long dead by now.

If the internet hadn’t been invented

  • I’d still be stuck in our old village and would have married hopefully Ellen from the town(!) as I promised when we were both 5 years old. I’d either enjoy having fresh air and open spaces or I’d already have gone crazy in a place that small.

you were a comic character

my first answer:

  • roadrunner, because he’s always at full speed, and just stops by for a quick hello. one meep-meep from him says all that needed to be said.

my wish:

  • Dream from Sandman. The silent and thoughtful master of dreams.

the truth:

  • Delirium from Sandman. The hopeless/hopeful butterfly girl, which is more than slightly mad but far too empathic.

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