Helpful change for OMD

The Open Monitoring Distribution (OMD) allows you to have multiple “sites” each consisting of configureable elements a Nagios (or Icinga, Shinken, Check_MK Microcore) instance, apache webserver and other tools.

Each site can be started/stopped individually, allowing you to take them offline for maintenance or have them in a cluster for failover.

The main apache on a system uses reverse proxies to let you access the “sites” and has always been able to tell you if a site wasn’t started at the moment.

This is done via a 503 ErrorDocument handler in the file “apache-own.conf”. It’s a nice feature but has a huge drawback if you run a kiosk mode browser for showing the monitoring dashboard on a TV or tablet (like me).

Once that page is displayed you’re out. You’ll never see that the site is back up.

I know 3 cases where this commonly becomes an issue:

  • Bootup of Nagios server with local terminal
  • Cluster failovers
  • Apache dies

The second one is the most annoying:

  • You have a GUI displaying valid info.
  • one of the servers has a problem and it triggers a failover
  • autorefresh kicks in and you get dropped to the 503 page
  • Cluster failover finishes
  • but nothing gets you back in.

Now, the fix is so easy you won’t believe it:

In apache-own.conf of your site, change the following:


<Location /sitename>
ErrorDocument 503 “<h1>OMD: Site Not Started</h1>You need to start this site in order to access the web interface.”


<Location /sitename>
ErrorDocument 503 “<META HTTP-EQUIV=\”refresh\” CONTENT=\”30\”><h1>OMD: Site Not Started</h1>You need to start this site in order to access the web interface.”

Restart the system apache (/etc/init.d/apache2 restart for most of us) and it’ll work.

file under:

I tried to develop a dev mindset, but found I like it when stuff really works.


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