Zyxel NSA 365 Packaging

Small update – a few hours later (so that’s where the evening has gone)

Important links:

You must install “FFP”, an extended package manager


I had to do it mostly the manual way, using zypkg -i on the ffp package.

Setting up build env and packaging:


I’ve managed to add NFS (official package) and then the build env.

Bacula-SD built after I also added a MySQL package for linking into “bscan”.

I created a package but it still lacks a “start” script – it’s named start, but it seems the standard bacula-ctl-sd will do the job.

Sadly, I should still make a better package for this, then add also add a Check_MK agent package.


The performance of the NAS is as good as reported, I’m running a rsync over nfs (async,intr,soft,wsize=32768) with a constant 40-50MB/s. As a backup target this will definitely suffice.



The fan is not as loud as reported, so I postponed buying a Papst 612 FL fan for it.

I paid 109 Euro since I bought it in a local shop, online prices range as low as 72 Euros.

The build quality is uh… let me put it like this: in accordance with the price.

You unpack it, try to find how to open the door and then… front fell off.


One more small update since it’s so incredible:

Running FTP on a file on a USB3 stick attached to the front USB port.
So, I’m downloading from the NSA325 to my fileserver VM, which has a too tiny /dev/shm to fit the whole file.
First, I was quite happy seeing 88MB/s throughput. Then I figured “let’s set it to do 1MB readahead via /sys”.
Look at this:

ncftp /SanDisk-Extreme-00011 > get CentOS-6.2.img.bz2
CentOS-6.2.img.bz2: ETA: 0:04 104.32/577.56 MB 109.75 MB/s Local write failed after 211842400 bytes had been received: No space left on device.

109MB/s – so one 1MB/s per Euro spent 😉
One could consider turning on Jumbo frames, but at that speed, who would I be to not be content?


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