Check_MK FreeBSD agent updates coming

Check_MK FreeBSD Agent

A lot of work from Max M. (from the cmk list) and me and I’m getting to a point where the new FreeBSD agent will be ready for commiting.


  • use statgrab instead of MUSE
  • use statgrab instead of netctr
  • use statgrab inline from the main script
  • no more overflow bugs in memory consumption
  • removal of many unnecessary linux portions
  • plugin for portaudit
  • much smaller footprint



Only one of those is really in the way, the rest are for later versions

  • Port packaging (I wanna upstream it both ways)
  • stdin closure – I had to open stdin due to an issue with statgrab. It will not print out the link status without opening stdin. This is a horror bug! Recommendation is to only use the agent in push mode, pushing to a server or via cron and a buffered file. Otherwise you might be inviting attackers.
  • add a plugin to HP raid controllers, currently using cciss_vol_status
  • add something for vmware tools status
  • GEOM status
  • ucarp

What I couldn’t find is anything to monitor ucarp – it kinda assumes monitoring is done via Email.

I’m thinking about a service for virtual IPs and have that as a clustered service between the cluster nodes.


Any ideas would be highly welcome.



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