Cut Ubuntu login CPU usage by 90%

I was just testing check_by_ssh at scale, running around 5000 ssh-based checks against the desktop system here.

One thing that puzzled me was that after adding passive mode load actually went UP instead of down.

I saw a load of up to 11 after this change just to run check_dummy.

You could see it wasn’t accounted to any of the long running processes except polkitd, so the conclusion was that this would be related to some desktop bullshit written by the Ubuntu devs.

After some research, most of this comes from dbus and policykit running useless desktop sessions for the ssh based login. Since todays distros have a lot of things tied into dbus I couldn’t do much about this.

The real conclusion was found by a stackexchange post.

I deleted all the crap in /etc/update.motd.d/

Now the system load is down to under 1 most of the time.

I don’t wanna think about how many KWh those useless scripts waste on a planetwide scale.

People, PLEASE don’t use Ubuntu if you don’t have to.


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