Cfengine training

Whats coming


You should see a more interesting post here today.

Tomorrow till friday I’ll be going to a cfengine3 class.

I’ve been so excited about this I’ve been counting down the days and such…

Unfortunately thanks to the OpenSSL nightmare of today I don’t even have time to think about tomorrow.


new tools

anyway. by next week I’ll have working knowledge of both Ansible and cfengine3.

This is what I consider a great toolset, or as I described to a friend as “having an excellent hammer for when I need a hammer”, and also having something to build whole cities with for when I need that.

Talking of cities:

One of my favorite books is “The city and the stars” by Arthur C. Clarke, which takes place in a city enduring aeons.

This is kinda what I’d love my servers to do, too. I think a good overall system should be able to keep running and running and running. It should be weathering disk failures, updates and power failures.

I think this does not just work by giving it a “immutability”, but by teaching it how to serve it’s actual purpose…



Cfengine, to me, feels closest to that goal.

(Notably, in that story the only only normal-thinking guy in that city is a rare occurance and really wants to get out)


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