Friday special: screenrc for automatic IRSSI start

Just wanted to share a little snippet.

This is my SSH+Screen config for my IRC box:

  • If I connect from any private system, I’ll get my irc window.
  • If it rebooted or something, the screen command will automatically re-create an IRSSI session for me.
  • If I detach the screen, i’m automatically logged out.
~$ cat .ssh/authorized_keys
command="screen -d -RR -S irc -U" ssh-[ key removed] me@mypc

The authorized keys settings enforce running only _this_ command, and the screen options set a title for, force-detach, force-reattach and force-create a screen session by the name “irc”.

~$ cat .screenrc 
startup_message off
screen -t irssi 1 irssi

The screenrc does the next step by auto-running irssi in win1 with title accordingly set.
(And it turns off the moronic GPL notice)
Irssi in itself is configured to autoconnect to the right networks and channels, of course. (to be honest: Irssi config is something I don’t like to touch more than every 2-3 years.)

On the clients I also have an alias in /etc/hosts for it, so if I type “ssh irc”, I’ll be right back on irc. Every time and immediately.


This is the tiny little piece of perfect world I was able to create, so I thought I’d share it.


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